Sunny Days Bachata Festival 2021

7th Annual Summer Bachata Festival right near the sea!

☀️This festival is for you if you:
✔️ Love Bachata.
✔️ Enjoy great «social» dancing.
✔️ Choose good bachata music.
✔️ Seek to develop and improve your dance.
✔️ Don’t imagine your summer without “Sunny Days”.



🎧 DJ Maikiu (Cuba/UA)

🎧 DJ Papi Shango (Kyiv/UA)

🎧 DJ Nechaev Jr. (Odessa/UA)

🎧 DJ Teo (Kyiv/UA)

🎧 DJ Fuego (Dnipro/UA)

Online registration is closed. You can purchase your pass at the door. 

Please, check the PROGRAM below for more details ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️ 

Program: workshop schedule, parties, comps, at-the-door price

Competitions at “Sunny Days 2021” | Orders & registration


Ladies Bootcamp is sold out

Men Style Bootcamp details & registration


«Camping ABBO» is a nice and cozy hotel situated on the very seashore near the centre of the city. In the hotel there are a swimming pool, sauna, gym, tennis court, ping-pong table, mini football field, café and a BBQ area. All rooms are equipped with air conditioners!
The hotel territory is spacious enough and pretty attractive It takes you no more than 5 minutes of a slow walk to get to the main city beach ) Within 5-15 min of the walk there are shops, supermarkets and cafes.
All parties, workshops, competitions, a get-together nearby the swimming pool and other activities will be here

13 Naberezhna str., Chornomorsk, Odesa


For the very first time in Ukraine — Junior & Carolina
Full Pass
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All workshop & all parties

Party Pass
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4 Parties, pool parties,
sport activities.

J&C Pass
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Workshops by Junior & Carolina + 4 parties

UA Pass
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All workshops by Ukrainian instructors and 4 parties.

Couple Pass
4 200 
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2 Full Passes (1 for leader and 1 for follower)

Combo №1 Sunny+Mambo
4 200  3 000 
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Full passes for 2 festivals:
“Sunny Days Bachata Festival 2021” & “Odessa Mambo Weekend” (2-5/07/21)

Combo №2 Sunny+Summer
4 200  3 150 
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Full passes for 2 festivals:
“Sunny Days Bachata Festival 2021” & “Odessa Summer Festival” (23-25/07/21)

Combo №3 Sunny+Latin
4 950  3 950 
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Full passes for 2 festivals
“Sunny Days Bachata Festival 2021” & “Odessa Latin Fest” (12-15/08/21)

Super Combo №4 | 4 Summer festivals in one
6 900 
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Full passes for 4 festivals:
“Sunny Days Bachata Festival 2021”
“Odessa Mambo Weekend” (2-5/07/21)
“Odessa Summer Festival” (23-25/07/21
“Odessa Latin Fest” (12-15/08/21)

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